Saturday, July 12, 2008

dolls dolls dolls

demented doll
my square doll hovering over Leah's doll

Some time ago, thanks to the magic of the random number generator, I won a giveaway- this time I am going to be giving a home to one of Ravenhill's lovely little dolls. In the meantime I received a handmade doll in the mail from Leah at Sew To Bed- we were swap partners in Mee Crafty's first ever swap, and poor Leah ended up with me- ie a very verrry slow swapper. (Just ask my PIF partners) Today I finally got my doll in the mail to Leah and feel I can share some photos with you now.

the sullen little miss

I thought making a flat, square body was a great idea for a doll, I was wrong
naughty and nice


Leah mentioned that she liked stripes, polka dots and gingham- so oh boy did she get gingham! My creation is a distant relation of Flat Stanley- she spent her entire life up until recently living in 2D, and is finding it hard adjusting to being a 3D person. Her shoulders are square and her arms jut out half way down her body, she has no toes and her eyes are scrunched up and glowering. She looks tough but really she's friendly and doesn't mind catching the sun for a while with her new friend. Sadly I had to split them up (in reality they never should've met)- I hope Leah manages to knock some sense into her and put her back on the right track again!

(This was my attempt at making something 'normal' by the way.)


littlemithi said...

Her head is GORGEOUS!

Leah said...

Just to let you know that Clarissa arrived today.

She is a crotchety little madam but worth the wait.

Thank you xx

megan said...

she's cute - what a mardy-face!!!