Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Books Books Books

April 13th

(a syrup sponge pudding to illustrate my feelings about the weather today)

I feel the need for some book recommendations- the weather has been horrible today and it makes me want to curl up in bed with my slippers on and a pile of books to read. Any suggestions for me?

One of my newest reads is 'I'd rather be in the Studio' by Alyson Stanfield. I first saw this book mentioned over on Kirsty's blog, and shortly after reading about it I was able to actually read it for myself, thanks to winning a copy in her amazing giveaway. As soon as my copy arrived I found myself sitting in the bath reading it for far too long, getting very wrinkly because I couldn't put it down for long enough to actually get out the bath! In the end common sense won out and you'll be pleased to know that I didn't actually read the whole book in the bath, in fact I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing before my friend Simon borrowed it from me. I think i'm going to make him buy his own copy because I need to get my book back!


lisa s said...

history of love is excellent
if you want art stuff i still totally recommend michael kimmelman's the accidental masterpiece.... it's excellent.

and if you like pigments i just finished color by victoria finlay and found it really fascinating.

have fun in bed reading!

Rachel said...

If you're after readable but mindless, I'd recommend the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George. Best to read them in order if you can.

Gaina said...

Anything by Barefoot Doctor is good, although I get the distinct impression you've already got the whole 'Wayward Groovy Toaist' thing boxed off (even if you didn't know it! haha), and you should definitely check out 'Life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid' by Bill Bryson :).

Kirsty said...

Hooray, I'm glad it arrived safely and that you're enjoying it. I need to sit down to finish rewriting my artist's statement but I just haven't had a free few days for weeks.

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Camilla, who wants to read when that yummy sponge cake is staring at us? Seriously! Okay, as long as you're reading, IRBITS is a good read. Would love a pic of you in the tub with the book. I'll ditto Kimmelman's book listed above. "Fun" art books: "Who Shot Andy Warhol" and "The Rescue Artist." Happy reading!