Sunday, June 01, 2008

This pet

Well it's been a few weeks since I contributed to Three Buttons 'This Is...' meme but this weeks topic (chosen by Two Peas in a Pod ) was impossible to pass up on, this is my pet:

biddy and me

Miss Biddy (Biddy Biddy Boo, Boo Boo, Bids, Biddy Boo etc etc). She is a rescue cat that came into my possession on Valentines Day 2005, about 6 months after my beloved Bernard got hit by a train:
bernard by the back door with geranium

I didn't feel that I wanted to replace Bernard, but one day my mum took me out to visit the cats and dogs home to cheer me up (which is a bit of a strange place to go really to be cheered up) and Biddy most definitely chose me. She has been a great pet, she is super good with my niece and nephew's (which is not something that you would've been able to say about Bernard) and she keeps my toes warm when i'm watching Buffy.

As for the names...they came with them!
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Sasparilla Sue said...

Biddy's coloring is so unusual! She's very pretty! Isn't it amazing when they pick you instead of the other way around?

AB said...

What a beauty! Is she huge or is that the perspective in the picture of you with the red jumper! You cant beat cats as pets, I love my cat Charley who also has many names- Charles, Chazzy, Charleston, Prince Charles, Chazmond, Charley Barley the list goes on....

Anna, CM

Camilla said...

She's actually a teeny tiny cat, trapped in a huge amount of fur- some of her fur is about 3" long and super thick, so it gives the impression that she is bigger than she is. Inside she's a dainty lady.

Net said...

She sounds like a brilliant friend, and a pet that likes Buffy? Perfect!

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Bernard is a beautiful cat. He looks like Royalty.
And check out Miss Biddy now if she isnt a princess then I dont know who is....she looks like my sisters cat Gizmo :)
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers Kyla

Kate said...

Biddy is beautiful, is she your substitute Chewy?!
I must get myself a hairier pet......!