Saturday, May 10, 2008

I've got a friend in you!

Way back in time (April 23rd to be exact) the lovely Claudia awarded me this special thankyou:

I feel like I still don't really know many other bloggers, maybe because I am so very forgetful that it takes me weeks to respond to their sweetness, but here are some people that are important to me who i'd like to pass this award on to, some of them are 'real life' friends and some are friends from blogging.

For being a great friend, and a standby husband if I reach 40 unmarried: Chipfork
For being the kindest person known to man: Lu lu la pom pom
For being understanding when I tip her out her wheelchair: The mouth on wheels
For introducing me to the world of proper beer drinking: Impy Malting
For giving me a virtual kick in the pants: Heather
For being my American magazine supplier: Janet

Actually there are loads more that I could think of, but I think six is enough to be going on with!


Gaina said...

After the splendid afternoon I just spent with you and Lucy, I'll forgive you a million 'Gaina Tippings'....not that there'll be anything to forgive, because from now on Jason Drives! ROFL.


Claudia said...

For somebody who doesn't know many have a long list ;)
Have a lovely week and take care!
Clo xox

janet said...

Now that Adorn has folded you'll have to pick a different magazine for me to send! Thanks for being my across-the-pond friend :)