Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Week of photo challenges

Today's challenge from Claudia was 'the diagonal rule'.

looking for diagonalsDSCF3818jumble of diagonals

You can see all of Claudia's photos for the project 365 here and all of mine here. It's such a great project to take part in, you can start at any point in the year (Mithi started hers on her birthday)


janet clare said...

great photos and thanks for visiting me!

littlemithi said...

Loving your photos ...

Sorry couldn't commit to your photo project week ... as it happens we didn't end up in Devon/Cornwall... because of the weather forecast (never trust the met office!)

And interesting observation you've made about point-and-shoot vs taking time ... with digital cameras and instant feedback I find I rarely do plain point-and-shoot. Theres lots more of point-shoot-review-reshoot.

Claudia said...

Day 2 : I give you a A+
Very nice :)