Sunday, April 13, 2008

This perfect dinner party guestlist

Hmmm I'm not sure what this list says about me but here is my contribution to this weeks 'This is...' (suggested by Lily and Agathe)

As i'm pretty much terrible at cooking, having no real interest in it, I think the dinner party would have to be replaced by afternoon tea (as I am great at baking). This is who I'd invite along:

(The young) Marlon Brando pretty much purely so I could sit and look at him eating fairy cakes. I'd sit Marlon one side of me and my next guest on the other:

Charlie Brooker, again for very little reason other than the thought of watching him eat a nice scone. Oh and because I have a huge crush on him and think that it'd be nice to see him have a chat with my next guest:

Charles Bukowski one of my favourite authors of all time, i'd have to make sure i'd stocked up the drinks cabinet, but I think he might with my next guest (seeing as they are both dead):

Kurt Vonnegut another of my favourite writers of all time. I think he'd be a pretty entertaining guest, I imagine he'd have some of the same energy that my next guest has:

Dan Cruickshank my obsession with Dan Cruickshank spreads back over the last few years actually- i've found myself watching programs about things I never imagined to find interesting thanks to the way he presents them. I imagine that he would have a lot to talk about with my next guest:

Augustus Henry Lane Pitt Rivers founder of one of my favourite places in the world, i'm sure he'd have something interesting to bring to the tea party- maybe a shrunken head perhaps, or maybe an artifact from Monster Island, home of my final guest:

Godzilla i'm not sure how i'd fit Godzilla into my home, or how i'd prevent him destroying it- but I like to think that he'd be friendly enough if offered a nice cookie and a chat with Brando. And he could incinerate all the dishes when we'd finished eating, thus avoiding any washing up.


Net said...

This is an awesome list! Charlie Brooker is a great choice. Kurt Vonnegut was on my short list (but didn't make it to the final table). I love your brilliant idea of having Godzilla do the dishes!

Gaina said...

Marlon Brando and Godzilla....I love how your brain works :)

Cooking My Life said...

That's a whole lotta testosterone and that table. I think you might want to switch to drinks and a cheese plate. LOL

Camilla said...

I really do wonder what it all says about me- I am a nice cake baking, cat loving girl at heart and not really a whisky drinking, pipe smoking old man.

Alys Paterson said...

I had Godzilla round for tea the other night wierdly enough, he's kinda fussy - no lactose, no gluten = no pancakes.

Alys Paterson said...

is cherry buns a euphamism for boobie cakes?!