Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I got stolen by the fairies

My wonderful friends Ally and M came to visit me at the weekend and did a good job of stealing me away from the real world for three days...

I made friends with a pony in Wales

The misty Wye valley from Tintern Abbey

Rag offerings at the Virtuous Well

Amazing green green grass and trees at St Lythans

Inside Tinkinswood Long Barrow

Ally and equine friend in Wales

I'm a stone hugger, what can I say?


Claudia said...

I also want a pony friend!
It seems that you had a lovely trip :) Nice pictures.

littlemithi said...

That stone hugger photo is ACE ... Stones need more lovin'!

Gaina said...

As long as you're not a stoned hugger that's ok - always best to know exactly who you're huggin' I say.

P.S. 'tis an Abbey!

(that joke never gets old for me)

Maya said...

Hi.. Wonderfull pictures. Just wish i was there.

Camilla said...

Thankyou all! I had such a great time- it was just what I needed. Now I just need it to happen again!