Friday, April 04, 2008

Fridays photo challenge: contrast

As I mentioned in my last post, i'm a terrible student. This photo is the one I took today to represent the rules of simplicity, and not contrast, which is what I should've been doing today.

April 4th

It's a piece of beach glass I found last summer when I went to Dawlish with my friends and got stung by the invisi-bee.

I've been working so hard this week that it feels strange to think it's the weekend tomorrow. I know that might seem to be a backwards way of thinking, but because i've been screen printing all week I feel like I should be going into the print studio tomorrow too.

Now tomorrow's photo challenge from Claudia is texture...must try to get that one right!


Claudia said...

You will see, if you look at the picture that I took today, that I was not really in the mood to play photographer! As written, I had some pet related problems!

I really love beach glass. You honestly don't see those very often in Montreal!
Your picture is totally simplicity. I love it.

Have a good weekend xox

Gaina said...

That's pretty :). You could sell that as a print if you do a slight crop to take the dark corners out.