Saturday, March 01, 2008


hearts, stars and rainbows

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I'm very excited to announce that I am working with artist Edith Abeyta on her new project 'The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe'. As part of the sweet shop I am looking for artists to sell multiples based on the unicorn, which will be sold in the sweet shop during the open studio event in LA.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact me as soon as possible because we have lots to talk about. Any work sold will get 75% of the sale price and we are looking for reasonably priced multiples, although if you have something amazing and one off please let me know.

Either leave a comment or email:

facebook group:

Please spread the news far and wide as the deadline for work to be at the studio is April 19th


cally said...

not sure if it's along the lines you are after, or even if i can put my hands on them all, but i did a whole series of prints and drawing of invented mythical creatures at college and one was a inicorn/seahorse. ie. a seahorse with a horn. the fun colour stuff was snapped up and used for gifts, but i still have the larger more illustrative pieces, mainly done in brown ink and wash if i recall. but i suspect they may be A3 or even A2 size, a bit big. And probably not commercial enough in brown.

Jane said...

God how did I miss this....oh well good luck with the opening of the shop anyway.