Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You guys, you make my day.

The lovely Karen and Mithi both very kindly gave me a 'You made my Day' award recently (well...not that recently actually)

Here's the rules:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.

2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've won by commenting on their blogs.


here's my special award for the bloggers that regularly make my day- feel free to steal!

1. Jeannette

I've known Jeannette on-line for a long time now, but we didn't meet in 'real life' until last year when she was on a grand tour of Europe with her husband. I think she'd agree that we got on really well and it felt like just hanging out with a friend i'd known for ages. I'm always impressed by her cooking, her art and her general all round greatness.

2. Susan

lovely hearts charity exhibit

I'm not sure how Susan and I found each other, but she has been an inspiration to me, and incredibly supportive of me and my art/curating. I feel bad because I haven't done nearly enough to promote the 'Lovely Hearts 2' show I donated work to. There's some lovely pieces for sale on the website and the money goes towards breast cancer research so go buy something!


I'm afraid I don't have a gushing personal account (or photo) of why I love Feltbug so, I'm just constantly impressed by the range of art she features on her blog. I get the feeling that if I lived in London I may have to hunt Mandy down for a guided tour of all the very best galleries. Her excellent book recommendation means I am now the owner of this:

4. Lucy-Lockets

Lucy was the first person that 'looked after' me when I moved to Weston, i'd left my wallet on a bus and Lucy took me home and fed me tea. The next morning she took me to the bus office to pick it up. If that sounds like she was just a benevolent stranger then it's not the whole story- she was one of my fellow class mates when I went back to art school, and she's still stuck with me now. I've helped bully her into the world of blogging very recently so do pop over and say hello to her.

5. The Mouth on Wheels

Gaina is one of my newest friends- she is one of my new class mates and although I have on occasion nearly tipped her out her chair, she seems to forgive me and we spend far too much time telling terrible jokes and wondering what stupid thing will come out of my mouth next.

There's actually far more than 5 people that make my day, maybe as two people awarded me I should list another 5 soon?


susan said...

oh milla, thank you so much much much. you make MY day as well and I am thrilled to have your lovely artwork in the gallery rightnow.
thank you for this and for that!
p.s. i can't think of where we "met" either, but i am thinking flickr... your cookies inspired me today. guess what flavor is in the oven right NOW!

littlemithi said...


Gaina said...

When you said I had a comment, I thought you were going to talk about my boobs again. LOL

Thank you for my award, you make my day too ((HUG)).

I'd like to thank My manager, god, my goldfish.....

Lucy said...

Thank you Milla Bella! I'm so proud ... this is the first award I've ever won ... unless you include Brownies and Guides ... and it way beats the awards they give at college for 'who's had the shity-ist life'!!

kickpleat said...

aw shucks, lady! you made my day too!! man, i love that photo!!