Monday, February 11, 2008

Jan 21st

I'm not a well woman- i've picked up some kind of sore throat/general aches and pains and right now all I want to do is get back into bed. I'll be back soon as I can focus on more than one thought at a time.


littlemithi said...

Sending you some warm yellow sunshine and oranges ... get well soon!

Claudia said...

I hope that you will get well soon. Have some chicken soup (if you are not vegetarian) and a lot of water. I can't really send you anything warm because it is freezing in Montreal (-25 C with the wind).

Gaina said...

Noooo!! (((HUGS))). You stay in bed until you're properly better, you hear me? I'm sure Jason will look after you well ;).

d. said...

dear camilla don't worry!
hope you're doing better right now, i haven't sent anything also.
there were harsh times here lately.. i'll be able to send your parcel during this week.
some nice goodies are here and just waiting for my trip to post office.