Monday, February 18, 2008


Bits of Barcelona from other people

It's just dawned on me that in 2 weeks time I shall be in Barcelona. Does anyone have any 'top tips'?

I'm thinking of skipping the Picasso museum in favour of more small galleries and shops- am I wrong?

Any recommendations for veggie places to eat?

I did buy the Independant today because it had a free guide to Barcelona in it, but's it's a little bit lacking and it was weird reading a newspaper that I don't normally read.


AB said...

Hi Camilla,
We went to Barcelona in Ocotber and found a vegan cafe, I will ask Anthony where it was as it had great stuff. I had a milkshake with chocolate and peanut butter in!

this chicken said...

Oooo! You really are spoilt for choice in Barcelona - it caters brilliantly for Vegans and Vegetarians. There are a few great places on La Ramblas. This is a good site to visit:

As for being a tourist you definately have to check out Gaudi's arcitecture - which can be found dotted all over the city to be observed for free. Also, La Sagrada Familia is a must and if you have time, Park Guell - it is like something out of a fantasy world :)

Gaina said...

Suggestions? Yeah, bring me a Spanish waiter back! LOL

Seriously, if you could suss that area out for wheelchair friendliness that would be great. I would like to go at some point, and so would my parents so knowing a bit in advance would help. :)

karen said...

Jealous already!

Miss Frugality said...

Hi,I loved Barcelona when I went a couple of years ago.I've good a handy sized AA essential guide ,which I could pop in the post to you if you email me your address.