Friday, January 04, 2008

More on books and houses

books to give away

I have some books to give away, I will take them to the charity shop if no-one wants them, but if you are interested in any of them then just let me know and i'll pop them in the mail to you.

There are three box sets of Beatrix Potter books- the books are all in great condition, it's just the boxes that are smashed up a bit- each box has 4 books in. Taken

Paperback copy of 'The Girls' by Lori Lansens

Paperback copy of "Gorilla, my Love" by Toni Cade Bambara

Paperback copy of "The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana" by Umberto Eco

Hardback copy of "The Gift:How the creative Spirit transforms the world' by Lewis Hyde

I'm on a de-cluttering mission in my house, I never thought I would class books as clutter, but it seems I have too many books that I either picked up on a whim, read once and have no real inclination to read again or rescued from charity shops. Over the last year i've been primarily buying books from charity shops and operating a kind of release program for them. When i've finished reading them I set them free again in their natural habitat, yep, what I mean is they go back to the charity shop they came from. None of these books are terrible books, I just don't need them in my life, but maybe you do? (Actually I hated 'The Gift' but lots of other people have loved it so...)

And in case there was anyone who was thinking I shun blogs and books that feature photos of people's wonderful houses I thought I would add this photo:

I did some organising

It's not quite as dreamy as some homes in Elle Decoration (to which I have a subscription) perhaps, but this little patch of my house has recently been tamed by the use of some cheap cardboard magazine files and a noticeboard. Actually if we panned away from this photo you could see the hole in the wall from a previous post, the crack in the ceiling and the rotten window frame, but this section at least is organised.

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Gaina said...

Have you seen ?

You leave your book in a public place, then long into the website and tell everyone the title and where you saw it last! (haha). Interested parties then go and look for the book, read it and the process starts again. Some books have been round the world a few times!

Currently, 'The Swiss Family Robinson' can be found at The Pier in Weston-super-Mare.