Thursday, January 31, 2008

Craft in Transition

I finally managed to track down a copy of this book- Craft In Transition, by Jorunn Veiteberg, who was one of the lecturers at the V+A symposium I went to in November last year. I enjoyed her lecture so much that I spent the next few weeks trying to work out how to get hold of a copy of her book. In the end I emailed the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and hoped they would be able to help me. They very kindly sent me a copy of the book, along with an invoice which I now am trying to figure out how to pay. Has anyone sent a bank transfer from the UK to Norway? I don't actually have a bank account of my own so i'm not sure who to talk to in order to find out how to pay this. Or is there someone in Norway that could help me- I can easily send a paypal payment, but not so easy to do a bank transfer.

Soon as I work out how to pay for this i'll be posting a review of the book!


littlemithi said...

Hmmmm. Do they do Postal orders here/there? I think you go into a postoffice and buy this certificate thing - and they can cash it at the other end:

Might be worth e-mailing them to ask how they would prefer to be paid.

karen said...

Hi Camilla, the book looks great. Hope all your uni assignments went well!

Gaina said...
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Gaina said...

I just left a comment suggesting paypal, and of course didn't read the bit where you mentioned it, so that's why I deleted the comment.

I'd be interested to have a mooch at the book if you don't mind bringing it in to college :).

Anonymous said...

we are looking at same sort of thing, i have also been trying to get hold of this book! how did you manage it ? cannnot find the email on the link, where did you email your requested?


Camilla said...

HI Sally, I can't remember exactly which email address I used- I just picked one and kept my fingers crossed! I'll have another look and see if I can track it down. In the end I managed to get my friendly Norwegian friend to help me pay for the book, so if you have any Norwegians you can call upon that might be the best route!

Camilla said...

Sally- I just went and looked at the site again and I remembered that I emailed the admin people via the email address here:

A lot of Norwegians speak really good English so I sent a basic email with appologies for not speaking Norwegian and it seemed to do the trick- good luck!