Monday, December 17, 2007

Sell out

I remember you

I heard today that I had sold this piece of work, in the exhibition at here gallery. I've got conflicted feelings about selling this piece- mainly to do with the fact this is the best photo I have of it. I think this is yet another little message from the cosmos telling me I really do need to start taking myself a bit more seriously and make a point of documenting all my work with good quality photos. Of course i'm delighted that someone likes my work enough to take this large piece home with them, but I guess there's part of me that wanted to hold onto it forever. Previously i've never sold anything of this size, or price, so I was expecting to be taking it home with me at the end of the month, the fact it has sold has raised a whole new set of thoughts and ideas in my head, something to ponder on over the next few weeks.

I've been a bit absent from blog-land lately, i've been having lovely visitors, end of term-itis, and re-painting my bathroom. I dreamt i'd been tagged by someone, perhaps it wasn't a dream at all and now I need to do some catching up on my blog reading. I think some of my photos might vanish soon as my flickr pro account runs out tomorrow and I don't have the money in my paypal account to renew it just yet- soon as I do it's top of my list of things to get done!


kickpleat said...

wow, beautiful peice, camilla! congrats on the sale.

ksklein said...

this piece is great. i love the iuse of white color on colored paper.

Charles Smith said...


I am the person who bought this piece, saw it in the Here Gallery in Bristol and made a decision then and there to have it.

Loved the piece, the medium, expressions and was a present to my self to go with my new house which it goes in perfectly. I will contact you at some point in the new year and get you a better picture if you would like. Also any history of the piece would be great as i am always interested in all aspects of the art work i gather.

Thanks for creating a beautiful piece and putting it up for sale so i can enjoy it every day.