Monday, December 10, 2007

It keeps coming-more great mail

mashed up mail

An explanation for the mysterious missing PIF...seems like somewhere along the line the package from Karen got mashed up in the mail- it arrived today wrapped in a plastic bag with this message from the post office on it. Luckily it doesn't seem that anything was lost, but the card that my wonderful embroidery from Karen was mounted on has been pretty crushed and damaged, so I think I will remount the piece and add it to my collection of artwork (it's like a mini art gallery in my house). Karen did offer to remount it, but i'm not sure I trust the postal service to get it back to her, and then returned to me without going missing again. I don't have a photo yet of the piece, but here's some of Karen's embroidered buttons that came my way:

As well as post from Karen I got the most marvellous mail in the form of a card from my good friend Clair who has run away to live in a caravan in the Scottish Highlands with her daughter and partner. Seems like the lack of electricity and running water has lead to them having to make their own entertainment and so a new mini-Clair is on the way in the Spring. I have to admit to having a little cry when I heard the news! I think I might have to plan a visit up to Scotland for next year, i'm just a little scared that if I get up there I might never come home again. (Having said that, it would mean i'd be nearer to Cally, and maybe some of her creativeness would rub off on me)

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cally said...

would love to meet up if my energy was on a high wave! come, come. i don't have a mini claire, but i could lay my hands on a mini E-clair, not so cute but possibly as sweet.