Monday, November 05, 2007

There's nothing I hate more...

than writing something about my work.

Here's the statement for the show that opens tomorrow at here gallery, I gave up on making it make sense and instead went for something that meant I could sleep soon.

Camilla Stacey was one of the founding members of here gallery, but she gave it all up for a life by the seaside. She makes work using found materials, with a particular emphasis on ceramics, textile and old photos.

For this show she has taken a variety of found ceramic figurines and re-glazed them, cast them in plaster and covered them in rhinestones. Her piece ‘For the Love of Damien’ is a personal homage to Damien Hirst, the king of the blag, and consists of a re-glazed ceramic piece covered in over 500 rhinestones, with an estimated street value of well over £10.

Novelist and poet Allyson Shaw says:

With a haunting sense of place and lost time, Camilla Stacey reinvents the ready made and the disposable, complicating received notions of kitsch and nostalgia.

Camilla herself isn’t too good at paragraphs and instead gives this list to explain her work:

nostalgia (in a good way)

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littlemithi said...

Good luck miss! Looking forward to finally meeting you tonight... I'll be the little Asian girl with the flapper haircut ;)