Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paper Quilt Project

Collage for the paper quilt project

I was lucky enough to be on of 12 people taking part in October's Paper Quilt Project, organised by Dawbis. The theme for the project is 'A day in the life' and my entry, made from the scraps of paper sent by Dawbis, represents October 25th when I went out with a friend for the day, saw peacocks everywhere, and drank many cups of tea. My peacock looks a little demented, but I couldn't really remember how to draw the face, and ended up with a 'comedy' face instead of anything remotely realistic. Here are the real things from that day:

There was another one on a plate at the place we stopped for lunch, but I missed getting a photo of that.

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Alix said...

Hurrah for peacocks.
4 fat fairies waiting to see you:
best wishes,