Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gift Guide on Etsy

Etsy Gift Guide

There seems to be controversy raging in the Etsy forums about the new Gift Guides on Etsy, but I for one think they're great, and yes I decided that before I discovered that one of my items was included! Just browsing through the lists i've come across items and sellers that I've never seen before on Etsy- I've also seen some very familiar faces, but I think the proportion of 'new' items to old is pretty good. I have to admit my main reason for taking a look was to see if my spooky doll brooch was included (I was sure that if anything was it would be her) but I really didn't expect to see anything of mine on the list as I am by no means a high profile seller.

So- on this, Buy Nothing Day, I urge you to go take a look at the Gift Guides, and if you are going to go shopping, see if you can't at least spend your money on something wonderfully unique and hand made, rather than on the same thing you got last year.

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