Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My friend Betsy Greer, of Craftivism fame (where craft + activism = craftivism) is working on a book right now about how to use craft for the greater good in the context of the personal, the community and the global, and she needs your help.

She says:

If you knit I have some questions for you. If you don’t knit, feel free to replace the word “knitting” for “craft!” I’m in the middle of researching all of this, and am looking for people to interview. Some of you I may contact individually, but one thing I’ve found out with this is that pretty
much everyonehas a story to add even if they don’t knit.

I’m currently looking for:

*stories that relate to the knitting experience/craft and the conversation it can facilitate

*historical and international examples of radical knitting/crafting for a cause

*patterns that can be used for protest/charitable donations

And she has some questions:

1. Who taught you to knit? How old were you?
2. Why did you want to learn?
3. Do you ever knit anything for charity?
4. If yes, why and which organizations?
5. If yes, how did you find out about the charity?
6. Did you knit for a charity in your local area, your country
or for another country?
7. What influenced you to donate?
8. Would you do it again? If not, why?
9. Has the experienced changed the way you think about things?
10. Is there a cause you’d think needs to have handmade donations? If so, what is the cause and what would you make?
11. Can I use your name and/or website/publication title in the book? Or do you wish to remain anonymous/under a pseudonym? If yes,how should I refer to you?

Either comment here and I’ll pass them on to Betsy- or send her an email via
betsy @

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