Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bye bye baby

I just sold this painting of myself as a small child to someone via Etsy. It's always been my favourite one of the series I did last year, and i'm going to be a bit sad to see it go- but then again it's a great feeling to think that someone wants a little part of me for their wall. There's a few more from the series for sale in my etsy shop.

I really do need to start scanning my work and updating my listings on etsy, i've been there since the beginning and haven't yet managed to get organised about how I use it- perhaps I need to set myself a deadline? Perhaps the real reason it's not been done yet would be because that would mean i'd be taking myself seriously and being professional and that's a bit of a terrifying prospect. When I think about the fact I have a house full of pieces of work that people have seen and liked, and that maybe if I put them on etsy I could make some money from them I feel scared. I know this fear of success is not uncommon amongst creative people, but please would someone give me a clue how to get over it?

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Little Stitcher said...

So beautiful!