Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday Saturday, Lyme Regis and it looks like a postcard

Bank Holiday Saturday, Lyme Regis and it looks like a postcard

On Saturday we joined the tourists making the pilgrimage to the seaside, and ended up here- in Lyme Regis. I love this photo because it looks like we landed slap bang in the middle of a photo advertising the joys of the English seaside. Whilst I was drifting out to sea I looked back at the land and wished I had a waterproof camera to capture the colours of the beach and the hill behind. I am going to have to try and hold that image inside me and pull it out sometime in the form of a painting maybe. I never before understood the allure of painting seaside scenes, or pictures of fish, but now I am feeling like I need to paint mackrel and ice creams and cute little beach huts all in a row.

On the ride home my friend said something along the line of 'why are all those people bothering to go to Spain for holidays when we have all this here?' And I totally agree with her- this little country is full of amazing places and I think that this summer of swimming in the sea and open air pools has just increased my love affair with the place I call home.

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Di said...

It sounds like a fantastic day!! I love all those people on the beach enjoying the sun! Unfortunately up here on the east coast most weekends it seems to have been raining recently, but hey it's nice on Wednesdays when I am at work :o)