Tuesday, July 17, 2007


(yanked from the galleries website)

This August, here gallery has teamed up with Nanoplex at the Cube Cinema and Cafe Kino to bring something new to local kids.

Nanocamp invites 8-12 year olds to explore counter culture and the diy skills that will enable them to create their own art. A variety of local artists, musicians, and purveyors of unique creative expression will engage nanocampers in workshops on visual arts, textiles, music and food. Activities will include making comics, clothes, badges, music, team drawings, and vegan food.

Each afternoon workshop lasts from 1pm until 4pm, and costs five pounds. There are ten places available each afternoon. Attendance is by advance booking only. For bookings, please visit the shop.

I'm going to be running the show on August 2nd:

thu 2nd august

making clothes at here shop and gallery

Make new clothing and decorate existing pieces, using both new and recycled material, with Here Shop and Gallery founder Camilla Stacey

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