Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That hippo is such a show off

Just thought i'd share what i'm working on at the moment. It's nearly end of year time at college and i'm getting ready for my show. I'm not 100% sure what form it's going to take, but that's ok because I wrote into the brief that it wouldn't be concrete til the very last minute. I've been working on ideas to do with collecting and the ideas around what makes something precious to one person and junk to another. I know it's not a new idea (was thinking of calling this piece of work 'nothing new to see here') but it's something that I keep coming back to time and time again.

Whilst talking to Alys last week (who spied this hippo for me in a junk shop) we realised that I had enough ideas here to last me about three years- I find it really hard to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper, but while talking to various wonderful friends of mine the ideas come thick and fast and it's down to people like Alys to try and rein me in. I've decided to use the fact I have difficulty with committing things to paper to my advantage, and instead of a sketchbook full of half baked sketches i'm going to fill it with cassette tapes full of me being articulate, enthusiastic and above all persuasive about the merit of the work. Whilst at the Tate Britain last week I spent an enjoyable half hour listening to the taped conversations of various artists in the Audio Arts exhibition (i've just noticed that you can listen to the interviews via the website), and the offer from various people to interview me means it's too tempting to pass up.

This hippo is actually not a brilliant representation of the work i've been doing, but he is pretty and looks happy with himself sitting on top of that cake stand (with ceramic doily made by me). I've been reluctant to share my work because I never ever think anything I do is any good, but today I got the photos back from the developers and got round to scanning some, so posting one on here is the least I can do for it!

Oh and just in case he is reading- hello Josh! I bumped into my old flatmate the other day and he is about to leave the country to go and work in Qatar. He lived in my house when he first moved over from the US and now seems like Weston has lost it's appeal as he and his new flatmate are headed for the desert. I figured out he'd been reading this when he said 'so...you've been back to Berlin then?'.

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