Thursday, April 05, 2007

"summers to summers"

My good friends Tom and Aaron are showing some work at the gallery this month. The show opens tomorrow night with live music from their band 'I know I have no collar' (one of many bands that Tom and Aaron play in). Tom made my proper website for me back in 2005, and despite the fact i've never really got anything new to update it with it still looks pretty now. He is also responsible for the way the gallery website looks and i've never met a man more fond of baby blue and pink than Tom Cops. Aaron ran away to Canada last year and we feared we may never see him again, when his visa ran out we were pleased that he came home and now it feels like he never went away. I'm not sure i'm actually going to be able to get to the opening night of the show, but i'm hoping I can get a sneak peak when I pop into the gallery tomorrow day time.

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