Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shrinky dink frenzy

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Alys for the Bristol launch of 'The Crafter Culture'. Due to all sorts of reasons my submissions never made it into the book, but it's full of projects by all kinds of people I know, and as the illustrations were done by Alys, I felt I should go along for the opening. The official opening took place in London, but Cafe Kino in Bristol hosted a special extra launch, complete with various crafty projects to work on whilst eating vegan muffins.

Alys and I got into a bit of a shrinky dink frenzy, and I spent much of the night trying to work out just how small a shrinky dink I could make with it still being legible. I remembered shrinky dinks from the 80s, and the craze for shrinking crisp packets in the oven is one I remember fondly (not sure if it's possible to do with the packaging crisps have these days, and i'm not about to test it out).

here's the rest of our great works of art from that night:

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