Friday, April 13, 2007

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson was one of the first people I ever approached about selling her work in here shop. I'd seen her work on the cover of Marmalade magazine and was really taken with the strangely cute knitted creatures she produced. Donna was kind enough to let us practise shop keeping using some of her creatures. Even though they all came with their own names, we soon added our own versions of names to many of them, and were always sad to see them go to their new homes.

In 2005 I visited the Crafts Council's 'Knit 2 Together" show and was pleased to see Donna's 'Picknit' work as part of it- recognising friendly faces in a gallery setting is always fun.

It's great to see young designers doing well, and the first images above come from the Scottish Show at The Lighthouse in Glasgow which is due to open in May. Part of me is happy to see other's doing well, but I have to admit that a little part of that happiness comes from knowing that I must have had good taste in the first place to ask to sell her work!

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