Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You're the one for me fatty!

As these are only up for a couple of days I thought i'd post this on here before I start posting about all the amazing things I saw and did in Berlin (revolving restaurants, drag queen bingo, amazing veggie burgers, lots of art).

This is my latest etsy Treasury, and now i've figured out how to nab one (think it might help that i'm in the UK) I'm going to try and limit myself so other people can play instead. However I couldn't resist one last try with this fat-friendly Treasury. I'll update later with all the details for those of you unable to visit the site while this is up, but right now I should be working on figuring out a title for my next art essay (i'm thinking something along the lines of 'how the internet is helping to form creative craft communities' or sommat like that.

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