Monday, February 05, 2007

Project Spectrum

Thanks to Ismoyo I heard about Project Spectrum, and realising that I need some structure to my posting on here, I decided to sign up. For the next two months my projects and posts shall be coloured with Blue, White and Grey hues. All suitably wintery colours for this time of year. To start with here's a selection of photos for your viewing pleasure:

1- slate walls of the Wales Millennium Centre
2-construction work in Cardiff Bay
3-Walls of the Royal National Theatre in London
4-Part of my slide installation
5- a vintage dress (for sale!)
6- my friend's feet


Lolly said...

Thank you for signing up for Project Spectrum! I love seeing your photos - I especially like the one of your friend's feet ;)

Camilla said...

Thanks for visiting! I love how that photo combines all the colours for this month- blue, white and grey.

ismoyo said...

Good to see you did sign up!
(and i myself haven't even posted a finished Project Spectrum '07 project yet...)