Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Obsessive Consumption

Obsessive Consumption
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Well I have to say that after all the headaches involved in getting this show hung, it actually looks completely amazing now. Gianfranco spent much of Saturday hanging up credit card statements and says he never wants to look at another bulldog clip again! He has some photos on his flickr page, and more will be coming soon I think.

The photos really don't do the show justice- there's a real problem getting photos of our shows as we have very little natural light in the (basement) gallery, when you are actually in the space it's a bit overwhelming (in a good way) to be surrounded by all the credit card statements and daily drawings that Kate has drawn.

I think I may have to take home this drawing:

because my addiction to diet coke is a hard one to crack and if I manage it this year then I deserve a little treat don't I?

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cindy said...

hi camilla,

it's nice to see your blog. i hope you are well. i'm going to email you soon.