Thursday, December 21, 2006

Studio Friday: Rituals and Wishes

This week's topic for Friday December 22nd suggested by Nancy Bea: RITUALS & WISHES!

" So many of my friends have certain little rituals they adhere to when starting to work, or finishing work. I do too. It can't be that unusual, and some are very sweet or amusing. Although some are maybe too embarrassing to share?

Another thought is:
If you could make one or two changes to your studio,by magic, what would they be?"

I wish I was disciplined enough to have rituals that I went through before starting to work!

I suppose on some level I do have little things I like to do before I sit myself down and start to sew or draw. I make a pot of tea (because I don't want to keep walking up and down the stairs to make new cups of tea), I turn the heater on if it's cold (and at the moment it always is), turn the radio on to Radio 4 and adjust the lamp to point either in the direction of my sewing machine, or my table. I love listening to Radio 4 while I work, it's soothing and the wealth of useless facts I have picked up from it being on all day long constantly amuses me. Other than that I don't think I have any little rituals, I don't talk to my work, or put it to bed, I don't dance around the room or count to ten- I sit down and potter, and sometimes something gets made.

In terms of wishes- right now I wish I had my old fully working computer back, I wish my studio was warmer and had floorboards decorated with rugs, I wish the skylight was just a little bit lower so I could see out while I was sat down, I wish my cat wouldn't come and sit on my lap when I start to sew and I wish I had a kettle and a fridge up there instead of down the stairs.

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janet said...

My kitty does that, too. Or sometimes she just perches on my work table under the lamp where it's warm.