Friday, December 29, 2006

Studio Friday: Proud Artist of...

I feel a little lost
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This week's topic for Friday December 29th suggested by Lee: PROUD ARTIST OF...!

"How about you show a piece of art, or something that you have made in your studio, that really nobody has seen and you are proud of. "
~ Lee

As my computer, scanner, printer and camera are still playing up, i've had to go back to flickr to find an image that pretty much no-one has seen in 'real life'.
This is a piece of work I completed during one week in the summer- it was just playing around with layers and ink, masking tape, chalk and anything else I picked up. I was taking part in the very excellent spirit of drawing short course at UWE, which really helped me move my drawing style on (or more accurately helped me come to terms with the fact the way I draw is actually OK).
The course took place during the hottest week of the year, and apart from getting heat stroke on one day I worked harder in that week than in the entire year before. This piece, while not my favourite, is perhaps the point when It all 'clicked' and I realised my love of masking tape, monochrome and text was not something I needed to hide away, but actually something I could use in my work and feel proud of.

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stephanie said...

Very rich image, I hope you have continued working in this style and look forward to seeing more.

susan said...

This is really interesting! I wish I could see it in real life and read it. Cool use of everyday materials!

Camilla said...

Thanks Stephanie and Susan- if you click on the image it should take you to my flickr page, where you can look at a larger version and see all the details.