Friday, October 20, 2006

Studio Friday- Autumn Inspiration

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I always think of Autumn as my favourite time of the year. Bonfires, crisp days, clear skies, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, apples, starting to actually want to knit again, hibernation, woolly socks, frosty noses. It all sounds so nice in theory, but then I remember cold windy days, freezing cold nights, not seeing the sun all day, SAD, huge heating bills and hating knitting again.

Autumn means my birthday, going back to school, meeting new people. It means buying new pencils and paper, new shoes and maybe a new coat. Autumn means starting to think about Spring already. Autumn means my cat stays sleeping on my bed all day long. Autumn means finding conkers in the park with my nephew, and watching my sister try and feed the squirrels. Autumn means we can finally light a fire on the allotment. Autumn means no more heat stroke.

In terms of what Autumn means for me as an artist/maker it mainly means I start to feel the need to work with wool and felt. To create strange new variations on the scarf (I enjoy knitting long straight things, I don't enjoy trying to follow patterns). I feel inspired by the warm colour of conkers, by the bright clear light and the leaves left on the trees. The tide seems to be higher, the sea seems to be rougher and that makes me want to create big pictures full of movement and wildness. Of course I don't actually do any of that, because what Autumn really means is returning to bed with a cup of tea, a cat and some chocolate and the guilty feeling that I should be busy making things to sell at Christmas craft fairs.


Carrie Sommer said...

I know what you mean, the trade offs. I get tired of the heat, and can't wait for the cold. Then I get tired of the cold (as cold as it gets here, which isn't very) and can't wait for the sun. Vicious cycle! But I'm ready right now for some brisk days and stormy nights...Pretty picture!

LB said...

Ah yes. All the inspiration but none of the energy! Who wouldn't want to snuggle with the kitties and drink tea all day instead of work on craft fair items. I'm right there with you!

APlanet4Creation said...

I know about the heating bill. Propane is so expensive these days! ARG!

kerrip said...

First, what are conkers, this New York state native asks?? I didn't mention it in my post, but it also always reminds me of school days - new shoes, freshly sharpened pencils, blank notebooks,... thanks so much for sharing. I totally agree!!

Molly Simmons said...

I hope you can avoid getting too anxious about the holidays. The media starts hyping it to us so early these days. Funny about your cat sleeping more--I believe mine sleep all day year round. They don't seem to need an occasion!

susan said...

I am sitting here smiling and nodding with everything I read in your post. At Walmarts today there were already putting away the Halloween stuff and putting up Christmas things...yikes! Can't we just enjoy the season!!

Going For Greatness said...

Ahh yes.. with the Full bloom of the fall foliage also comes the smell of winter on the Horizon.... I do love Winter though I wish it were a wee bit shorter!! Perhaps 1 month!
Autumn should last 6 months!! ;)
have a great day

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can't wait till spring is here again. That means we hopefully can move into our new house and I can enjoy the time more again. Right now there is not really any time for all those events like Halloween, Thanksgiving.....hopefully I find some time to decorate for Christmas and do some cookies with Lars