Monday, October 09, 2006

Little and Lots- call for entries

I'm still feeling sad sad sad about the death of my friend Jen, but life goes on and so does planning for exhibitions in the gallery. What follows is something i've just rushed together and sent out to people in the hopes that it's not too late to get a great show organised for December. We came up with the idea for 'Little and Lots' a few months ago when we were thinking of things we could do that might generate some money for the gallery, but we didn't get very far in organising it until now. I know that it's still only early October, but in my head i'm always at least two months ahead, thinking about the next show we'll be having and working out just when to send out press releases. Last week I was designing postcards to advertise the next 8 months of exhibitions, tonight i'm trying to get the next two months shows to actually happen!

Hello friend of here shop and gallery...

In December we are turning the gallery into a shop with 'Little and Lots', a shopping show. Artists are invited to submit up to 4 pieces of work that are no bigger than A4 in size, and ready to hang. All work must be available for sale, and once a piece has been sold it will be taken away by the shopper and a new piece hung in it's place (much like the hugely popular 24 frames show).

There is no limit on what you charge for your work, but remember that the gallery will take a 25% commission and realistically our biggest sellers have been work priced between £20-£80. Please submit work by December 1st at the latest, marked FAO Camilla to the gallery at the address below. Please include all your contact details and prices. If all four of your pieces sell then you are welcome to submit 4 more pieces of work. On sale of work payment will be made to you via Paypal where possible (please indicate alternative payment method if needed)

Show opens Dec 2nd with live music and runs until Dec 30th. We will be hosting two craft fairs in the gallery during December, with the promise of a return to the grotto from Bad Santa and the here shop elves.

Hope you can join in the fun!

send work to me c/o:
here gallery,
108 stokes croft,
bs1 3ru

to arrive by Dec 1st.

It goes without saying that any of you that want to take part and submit work are more than welcome- the more the merrier!


ismoyo said...

I'm sorry to read about your friend. The angels needed her. Hope you are well.

And ofcourse let your show be a success!

Camilla said...

Thanks for your wishes! I think you should submit work to the show!