Friday, September 29, 2006

Studio Friday - Toot your own horn

This is a bit of a tricky one for me, so rather than starting off with a picture of something I made, here is the postcard for one of the shows I have curated at here gallery in Bristol, Uk. This show was one that I had planned for a long time and it took place in January and February of 2005. Featuring work from Jenny Hart , Whitney Lee , Allyson Mitchell , Dana Carlson, Julie Jackson, Katherine Shaugnessy , Rikki Endsley and Breanne Trammell (who designed the postcards) this was a collection of work by female artists who used 'naughty needles and sinister stitches' to subvert the traditions of needlecraft. I think this show is still probably my personal favourite out of all the exhibitions I have curated, and i'd love to do another show along similar lines.

Half way through writing this post I heard sad news about a good friend who had a brain aneurysm yesterday and had a stroke whilst being operated on. The outlook isn't good and i'm waiting for news so I really don't feel too much like tooting my own horn right now-so instead I suggest you take a look at some of the other creative types who are busy singing their own praises here


Going For Greatness said...

What a fun show that must have been I would love to see more of your work!
I will keep your friend in my thougths..... what a hard time for you and your friend's family. Hang in there

Molly Simmons said...

I hope that your friend pulls through. You must be frantic with worry.
I love the idea of your subversive "guerilla" stitching.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend! I learned about those ticking time bombs in your brain. Awful thing! I hope the damage isn't too big, never know in the brain. Send her lot of get well wishes!
The stitches are cool! I bet you had a blast on the exhibition!