Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cornwall, Craft Fairs and Computers

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My computer broke just as I left to go to Cornwall for a week. A thunder storm meant the modem died a death and then, when I got back from Cornwall, I discovered that pretty much all the other bits of it were breaking down too. Luckily I have a magic dad who is good at fixing things and after a few attempts, and several new parts, it's back working better than ever. However I have already managed to forget most of what I did on my holiday so i'll just leave you with a link to my photos on Flickr and you can decide for yourself if the highlight was the National Gardening Museum or Harry Safari.

Yesterday I took part in the here shop craft fair - the weather wasn't kind to us and combined with the roadworks outside there was a pretty poor turn out for the fair- it was great however to meet up with Laura , Bonny and Anna for the first time- the craft fairs at here are always fun and inspiring and I hope that the other ladies that took part didn't mind too much about the lack of customers!

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